AZ-303 Azure Architect Technologies : Study Guide

Rimaz Mohommed
7 min readJun 16, 2021


I passed my AZ-303 exam in June 2021. The exam consisted of around MCQs and 1 case study. You can find my badge here :

What follows is the study guide I created based on the exam skills outline to help me prepare. Hope this helps you too. Cheers!

Implement and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure (50–55%)

Implement cloud infrastructure monitoring


Monitor security

Monitor performance

Monitor health and availability

Monitor cost

Configure advanced logging

Initiate automated responses by using Action Groups

Configure and manage advanced alerts

Automate deployment and configuration of resources

Save a deployment as an Azure Resource Manager template

Modify Azure Resource Manager template

Evaluate location of new resources

Configure a VHD template

Deploy from a template


Manage an image library

Create and execute an automation runbook

Implement load balancing and network security

Implement Azure Load Balancer

Implement an Azure application Gateway

Implement Web Application Firewall

Implement Azure Firewall

Implement Azure Firewall Manager

Implement Azure Front Door

Implement Azure Traffic Manager

Implement Network Security Groups | Implement Application Security Groups

Implement Bastion

Implement and manage Azure governance solutions

Create and manage hierarchical structure that contains management groups, subscriptions and resource groups

Assign RBAC roles

Create a custom RBAC role | Configure access to Azure resources by assigning roles

Configure management access to Azure

Interpret effective permissions

Set up and perform an access review

Implement and configure Azure Policy

Implement and configure Azure Blueprints

Implement container-based applications

Create a container image

Configure Azure Kubernetes Service

Publish and automate image management by using the Azure Container Registry

Deploy a solution on an Azure Container Instance