AZ-204 Azure Developer Associate Study Guide


I sat for my Azure 204 exam in September 2020, and initially resorted to following the free online learn path documentation that can be found under the exam page listed below for my prep.

But upon closer inspection & comparing the learning path against the exam contents doc, I noticed that the learn path covers less than 40% of the exam contents. And what’s more, it covers a lot of stuff (such as Azure policies) that isn’t part of the exam skills outline. Due to this fact, I created a study guide to help me prepare and have published it below to help anyone else prepping for the same exam. I was able to pass the exam on my first go focusing only on this study guide.

You can find my Azure Developer Associate badge here :

Good luck with your exam!




Software Developer

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Rimaz Mohommed

Rimaz Mohommed

Software Developer

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